1 Million Thank You’s!

How do you thank someone or show your appreciation when someone forgives you for things you have done that should never be forgiven?

My poor parents deserve the world. No lie! They put up with me through my teenage years, my addiction, my mental health issues and still have my back. My parents have stepped in when my kids needed a supportive household, have driven me to countless detox’s, bailed me out of jail and still love me.

I have always worried that my parents would stop loving me or feel like I was a burden and they never did. They did show me tough love when I was at my lowest and told me how I deserved to be happy and offered advice (none that I would ever take.) But now at 26 I see how horrible I was to my parents. All the sleepless nights, watching their daughter slowly kill herself, having to care for 2 small kids while I ruined my life more and more. I was selfish. Once I got clean I lived in a Oxford house and worked to prove to my parents that I can be a better person. After showing them I was serious about my recovery they let me move back home. Whenever I saw an opportunity to do something to help them or make their life easier I took it.

When night I came home and my dad was sitting at the table, my mom in bed sick. I got to sit and talk to my dad and hear him out on his feelings and thoughts. That night he said something that resonated in me. I will never forget what he said. “Kelsey, you don’t need to thank me and your mom, you don’t need to get us gifts, just please, please STAY CLEAN!”

I made a promise to myself, my kids, my parents, and god. I will never get high again as my way of thanking all those around me for sticking by myside through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Thank you.

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