When drugs turn the love of your life into a stranger…

When I was 18 I reconnected with an old friend from middle school. We spent all of our time together, he was my prince charming. He made me feel so loved we did everything together and quickly we became pregnant. At just 11 weeks we had a miscarriage. Losing our baby was devastating to us. During this time we turned to drugs. It started with some pot but then that was not enough. Our best friend at the time had a tooth ache so bad he asked my boyfriend to find him percs. He called everyone he knew and soon was offered a fine white substance in a small wax bag. we all sat around a coffe table in my basement and in the moment 3 good kids from good families became heroin addicts. That day started a mudslide that would slowly kill my prince charming.

For the next few months after that day in my basement we started falling into a world of little blue bags and bath salt ( This was before my crack addiction started). I started seeing small changes but I let it go. Then everything changed and we found ourselves in Morgantown, WV. I was pregnant with our first daughter. Not once during my pregnancy did I touch a drug and we only stayed in WV till he started growing paranoid and the fights escalated. My mom brought me back home and I Had my first daughter in July 2013. I tried to reach out and make u with him, after all he was the father to my kid. He was very different. He was using and got me to use a few times here and there but then I quickly found myself pregnant with my son this time and we were at a point where he was constantly acussing me of cheating and saying horrible things that broke my heart. But being his children’s mother he did try to work things out again and we got back together for the remainder of our sons pregnancy. He purposed in April 2014 and we got married in July 2014 and had a baby in August 2014. That’s when things really got bad. I was approved for an apartment and was getting disability for a lung condition I had. My kids were living with my parents since I was having so many health issues. My once prince charming would show no compassion. He would say it was in my head or that my coughing and weezing was annoying. He just kept trying to hurt me, make me feel bad but he wouldn’t leave me. All that mattered was the drugs and what I could give him or do for him. Over the next few years that would continue, a horrible cycle of using. Then I got clean and cut off all contact for a good year. Out of the blue I get a call from him begging me to come home. He told me how horrible his new girlfriend was and how much he hated her son and just wanted to come home and help me. So I let him come back. Big mistake. Over the next few months I watched as he tore apart my life, slowly bringing me down with him. He just wouldn’t leave. I even moved into a hotel and was not talking to him but he knew where I was so he had his new gf get a hotel room in the same place just so he could keep popping up. After months of using and health issues I grew tired and called for help one day. I went to detox and never looked back. I watched as heroin took a hold on the most loving man I ever met and we had a scary close relationship. I still to this day can feel when he is in trouble and we can finish each others sentences. But I now know he does not have my best interest at heart like he used too. He is a ghost my prince charming died and he is now a ghost who walks the earth preying on women with low self esteem so he can suck them dry of everything they had and leave them broken. Drugs can kill in ways that no earthly being could ever imagine.

If you or anyone you know if being abused by someone get help and get out.

1-800-799-7233 National Domestic Abuse Hotline

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