Flu Season for the newly sober

It is that time of year again! sniffles, sneezes, and coughs everywhere! ewww. Most of us think ” I survived an opiate withdraw! I can handle a little cold!” But subconsciously “flu symptoms” are sometimes triggers.

We all know “one shot, one line, one pill will cure me of these shakes, runny nose, and the poops.” in a withdraw but when its just the flu it won’t but our addict thinking sometimes comes into play and says “these are PAWS!” and the little voices in our subconscious start hinting we want to get better and drugs make us better. Our sober, healthy selves might not even have thoughts of getting high but as soon as we start getting sick a relapse can easily happen.

My suggestion if you are getting sick is …

Call your sponsor!!!

Talk to your doctor about how your feelings and alert him/her that you are feeling triggered. He may refer you to a therapist or someone who can help you talk out your triggers. Always be honest with your doctor, I cannot stress this enough.

Go herbal! Drink green tea, take a shot of ginger, elderberry supplements. Speak with your primary doctor about natural alternatives.

GET REST! nobody gets enough sleep these days. go home, put some Netflix on and sleep it out. SO many studies show how amazing sleep is for repairing our bodies.

If you are not sick yet I also highly suggest popping into your local pharmacy or your primary care physicians offices fora flu shot. Mot insurances cover the shot and it can be a true life saver (literally). Their has been as many as 80,000.00 deaths from the flu last year.

Best of luck, and feel better!

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